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Welcome to the Sandwich Croquet Club

Come play croquet with us!

As a fully established club, we have become an integral part of Sandwich Hollows and the Sandwich community with a full sized croquet court, a Board of Directors, and a consistent membership of 50 or more. Fun and comradery have been the name of the game at Sandwich Croquet with our many tournaments, exciting social events, special lessons, and the many, many days of fun and challenging croquet.

The Sandwich Croquet Club (SCC) is located on Cape Cod at the Sandwich Hollows Golf Club off the Service Road in East Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Six-wicket American, Nine-wicket, and Golf croquet are played regularly on four well-maintained courts. Equipment is available for use during scheduled play times. Membership is very affordable.​

It's a super fun, easy game to learn


Why Croquet?

It's a great way to socialize and make friends


It's an athletic activity that's easy on joints & muscles

Croquet is Cool!

2022 Season ends

October 29 !


Enjoy the winter and
look for news and updates
in the spring!


 9:30-12:00   GOLF CROQUET

12:00-6:00    OPEN PLAY


12:00-5:00    OPEN PLAY

 5:00-7:00    GOLF/GAMES of CHOICE


9:30-12:00    SIX-WICKET

2:00-4:30     NINE-WICKET


9:30-12:00    GOLF CROQUET

2:00-4:30     OPEN PLAY

5:00-7:00     GOLF/GAMES of CHOICE


9:30-12:00    NINE WICKET

2:00-4:30.    SIX WICKET

5:00-7:00     GOLF/GAMES of CHOICE


12:00-5:00    OPEN PLAY

 5:00-7:00    GOLF/GAMES of CHOICE


9:30-12:00    GOLF

12:30-3:30     SIX WICKET

4:00-6:30     GAMES of CHOICE

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Board of Directors


The club is an active member of the United States Croquet Association (USCA).

A Board of Directors works closely with club members to set policies, schedule events, and to generally oversee the operation of the club and its by-laws. The board is presently comprised of: 

Jean Lynch, President

Eric Hieser, Vice-President

Michael Sayler, Treasurer

Jean Dorcus, Secretary

Kit Sullivan, Director

Kathleen Green, Director

Ed Alves, Director

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