The Club offers several kinds of instruction including:

A beginner's class for new players to try out the game and learn the basics.

Member's lessons taught by professional Bob Kroeger.


Member's lessons taught by the most skilled and knowledgeable  Club members



Daily Play. The Club organizes a variety of activities during the season. The most important is daily play. These sessions typically last two hours, and we schedule them on most days of the week. Members sign up for slots online.

The games are meant to be fun, with several exchanges of players during a typical session. Open Play session have also been added to encourage continued practice and fun!

Tournaments. Several times during the season players engage in tournaments involving either Golf Croquet, American 6 Wicket, or 9-Wicket Croquet. There are enough tournaments so that any member who wants can enter at least one or often several tournaments. These are fun, but competitive events with awards for the top players. The Club also competes with other croquet clubs in the region several times a season.


Daily play, casual fun, social, practice


Tournament winners, fun but competitive


The Club sponsors outings to Sandy Neck Beach for member picnics and games. Lots of fun.

Potluck Dinners:

Various members organize casual potluck dinners at their homes or in community meeting places. Sometimes these locations allow for games and competitions, bringing out the competitive juices yet again.


Sandy Neck Picnic

Casual Dining at the Club House: 

Frequently after play, players have lunch or dinner together at the Sandwich Hollows Club House. These are casual and spur of the moment.

Annual Dinner Meeting:

At the end of the season, the Club organizes an official dinner meeting that includes the year in review, awarding of prizes, discussion of policies, and an election of directors for the next year's club.


Dinners for social fun and for club business.